Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Madeleines, and how to lose weight while still baking obsessively.

Since we moved away from London, I have had to drive everywhere, up to three hours a day, and this has made me fat. Now that I'm working locally I am spending a lot less time in the car and all day long on my feet in a hot kitchen, so it's about time I sorted myself out.

I have joined Weightwatchers and I have a copy of this book, which is fantastic. I was very sceptical of recipes that use low fat spread instead of butter but I've made tons of stuff, from banana muffins to chocolate brownies (the brownies use applesauce instead of butter, genius!) and everything has turned out yummy and not at all diet-tasting.

The above photo is my latest effort, some lemon madeleines using my lovely new madeleine tin from Lakeland that I bought the other day while we were in Stratford upon Avon (very pretty place, you must go for a visit). They are much prettier in real life.

Anyway cakes aside, I've really neglected my poor blog again. I really must make more effort.
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