Tuesday, 6 January 2009

EDM #205 - draw a soda can. And an idea for Monday nights.

I used to be addicted to diet coke. Seriously - I had my very own coke habit. I would get through up to three litres of the stuff in a day. I kicked the habit a few months ago and I don't touch it at all now. If I want something fizzy I have a glass of diet lemonade. (Or a beer.) So this is one of my husband's cans of Dr Pepper, which is disgusting stuff but comes in a pretty can.

I don't like this drawing. Is there such a thing as a bad pencil day? It just looks all wrong. The perspective is wrong, the top of the can is wrong. It didn't help that I was sketching in a room that is very dark, so there were no discernible light areas and shadows. I have to tell myself it's my third proper drawing ever so I don't get too wound up about it!

And I had an idea for something I'd like to go to. On Monday nights, there is a drop in life drawing class in Bethnal Green. I reckon life drawing, in a studio with no distractions, would be really beneficial. I have literally never drew a person before (not counting cartoony doodles). It only costs £7.50 which includes the tea and biscuits (vitally important), and it's close to home, so I think I'll go along next week. Especially if I can drag a friend along for moral support.

If anyone has been to a life drawing class I would love to hear your experiences!


Linda T said...

Is it a class where someone will instruct you or is it a drop in session where you can draw and no one teaches? I have been to both. I love the non-teaching ones b/c I just need practice, but if you are looking for instruction, beware that there might be none.

angeltreats said...

It seems like it's a class, with a teacher. Here it is:


Ann said...

I think your drawing is fine. The important thing is that you did it.
From the link it doesn't sound like the drop-in class has instruction, but the 10 week course beginning feb 6 sounds like it does. Either way it will be a great way to practice drawing skills!

Revelle said...

Life class is a bit odd if you've never been to one. You walk in and there's this naked person sitting there. Kind of odd, since we are used to looking at strangers with their clothes on. But after about 3 minutes concentrating on how to get the body parts to look like body parts, you forget about it and it seems natural from then on. It's great practice!

Rachel H said...

Hi! Go to the life drawing class if it has an instructor - it's the BEST drawing exercise. The thing about the human form is that we're all so familiar with it that we spot any mistakes straight away. Thsat means that you can spend a while on a picture, think it's ok, walk away, come back and go OH MY GOD I DREW AN ALIEN. It can be hard, but you've got to be ruthless with yourself and accept that if you get something wrong and realise that you've got it wrong, you'll rub it out and do it again.

You don't go to life classes to produce a pretty picture, you go to life classes to give yourself astonishingly good practice at drawing exactly what you see, not what you think you see.

Don't worry about the nudity thing, you'll forget about it in half a second.

Do it! It's SO good for you! :)

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