Monday, 23 February 2009

Thing a day - broken AGAIN?

It's been more down than up over the past few days, and it's not letting me post a photo tonight so I'm posting it here instead to remind myself to try the TAD site again tomorrow.

I was going to post another doodle from my new Wacom tablet but I didn't get to finish what I started (and it's awful anyway), so instead here's the progress of my second husband-sized sock. The boring ribbing is done, the heel's done, the stitches are picked up and I've started on the gusset. It's easy and pretty mindless from this point on. He'll have toasty feet by tomorrow or Wednesday.

Oh and my dad wants some now too... perhaps I should open a sock factory. I wonder if someone would pay me what I get paid now to sit and knit socks all day... it'd certainly be an improvement over my current job!

1 comment:

bubblemunch said...

Well done for keeping up. You're a prolific knitter (never got the knack myself)

I agree TAD has been more than a 'pain in the butt' recently! Took me more than 5 attempts just to write a post (no photos!!!!!!!)

Keep going - nearly done now! ;-)

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