Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hurrah for leaving everything to the very last minute!

As part of (yet another) assignment, I have to write a piece on Brazilian festivals (Carnival etc). That bit's fine. We also have to produce some sort of video to go along with the written work. I suspect everyone else will sit in front of their webcam and talk about something. Maybe one or two will play the guitar or something. Me? I'm severely camera shy, so I thought "I know, I'll do some sort of Flash cartoon with lots of little Brazilian dudes in traditional Carnival costumes dancing around".

One problem - I haven't actually got any idea how to use Flash. And the assignment has to be handed in on the 19th.

Soooo... I have less than two weeks to research and write 2000 words, learn how to use Flash from scratch, do all the artwork, animate it, find some suitable music to set it to, and put the whole thing together.

Oddly enough, it is occuring to me that this mightn't have been the smartest idea, and on the evening of the 18th I'll probably be talking to my webcam just so I actually have something to hand in, but at least I can try, right?

This scrappy little robot was just to have something to fiddle around with before I actually waste any time doing 'proper' drawings only to inevitably ruin them. But I think he's kind of cute.

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