Friday, 13 March 2009

Playing with my waterbrush.

As much as I love my waterbrush, I've only ever used it with watercolour brushes and never with "real" watercolours, so today I took a break from my work to do a quick sketch of some of the things on my windowsill (my beloved Roberts radio, pot of pencils & pens and a tube of handcream) and coloured it in with some cheapy Cotman pan watercolours. I didn't like the waterbrush very much, to be honest - the bristles didn't spring back together the way they would on a sable brush, which made it very difficult to do the lettering (I gave up and went back to pen) and it was quite difficult to clean the brush without a container of water. I ended up using a piece of paper to kind of work the paint out of the brush... till I realised I had defaced the notes I've been making for an essay I'm writing. Oops.

If anyone has any tips for using waterbrushes with traditional watercolours I would love to hear them.

Elvis does not approve, and thinks I should get back to work. Okay, okay, I get the message...

Life drawing class in an hour and a half, hurrah! Happy weekend, everyone.

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Spinneretta said...

I discovered that the waterbrush is fantastic to use with watercolours- just follow the simple principles:

1. use a paper towel to wipe off the colour between colour changes.
2. be careful with mixing as you can accidentally add too much water to the mix.
3. Keep it simple- fewer colours = less mess.
4. Everything you learn with the watercolour pencils translates really well so long as you use PAN watercolours ;)

Actually it's kind of fun because I am much more portable now ;)


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