Thursday, 26 March 2009

Something I crocheted

If you like crochet at all, you must go and check out Bee's blog, chaincreative. Bee is the lovely lady who taught me to crochet at Loop, I'd tried to teach myself from books and thought I was a lost cause but apparently not! (At least not when it comes to crochet.)

Yesterday Bee posted about starching crochet and I thought I'd share this bookmark - it's the last of a batch I made a few months back for a Craftster swap. This one is one pattern repeat short, because like so many other things, I made it while watching CSI and wasn't paying attention. I starched it with spray starch so it's nice and stiff. It's very very easy and the pattern is here.

Sorry for the awful photo - it's dull outside and there is absolutely no light in here at all.

And here's what the bookmark is currently... um... bookmarking. I kid myself that it's improving my Portuguese, but really it's the Quentin Blake drawings and Dahl's warped sense of humour I love.

I'm still without my Macbook and therefore without Photoshop, so I'm using GIMP which I have to say, I really hate. Hurry up, Apple :(

1 comment:

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's gorgeous! You made it? I'm very impressed.

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