Sunday, 8 March 2009

Things I am not allowed to eat, and the reasons why not.

1. It's Lent. Everyone in my office (religious or not) gives up something. This year my 'things' are biscuits, cakes and takeaways (Chinese, pizza etc).

2. Nice food costs too much. There is a gorgeous bakery near the office called Konditor & Cook. They have lemon curd cheesecake that you'd sell your granny/husband/beloved pet for. It costs about £3 a slice. There is also an Italian restaurant that sell food to go - the most fantastic pasta in London. It's about £5 for a box of whatever pasta. I work four days a week, and if I buy lunch every day it can easily add up to £20 a week. (Note to husband - now you know where all my money goes. It's not all being spent on pens.)

3. I have put on tons of weight, especially since the whole arthritis thing happened and I'm just not able to get back to running (as even walking can be a bit trying at times). Cake and cheesy pasta doesn't help. I need to sort this out.

Purplepinkandorange is having a little challenge - no eating out for the month of March. I'm a bit late in starting, but better late than never, right? And I'm also applying it to buying lunch in Pret, that pasta shop etc. If for whatever reason I can't bring it with me from home, I'll go to Tesco and buy a cheap sandwich. I'll post weekly updates for the rest of the month, in keeping with the challenge.

Also - a question. There's a debate at work as to whether or not hot cross buns count as cake. I think they don't - to me they are a bread product. My workmates disagree. What do you think?


Nifty Nique said...

I would say hot cross buns are not cake! I gave up soda for Lent. Temptations are everyway... are energy drinks considered soda?

winna said...

Hot Cross buns are sweets no matter how you try to have them not be----I love your sketch!!

Anonymous said...

I think hot cross buns are bread so are cinamon rolls!..;) If energy drinks are carbonated (means they have sodium) then they are soda...if not, ???
LOVE your drawings/paintings!! deni....;)

Carol said...

It depends on which you want it to be, so you could have or not have them:)

Jonathan said...

Definitely not cake. And Jesus gave out bread at the last supper so you should eat it anyway. Since my wife and I got married during Lent several years ago, I always say that I gave up abstinence for Lent.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... I think hot cross buns are a more like cake with yeast as the raising agent. Sorry! Anyway the picture is great. And Lent will not go on forever.

bubblemunch said...

Impressed that you can draw the goodies you want ... it would make me head straight for the biscuit tin!

Hot Cross Buns are definitely bread - but a sweet, seasonal one! So, I think it should still be off your menu :-(

Anonymous said...

mmmmm .. Cheescake.
As far as the cross buns. Just make it an additional sacrifice during lent. Afterall remember what was given up for us. It makes cross buns seem not all that difficult to give up. But, after lent, all bets are off. :)

Nancy said...

Take it from one who almost died from my love of's not worth it. Focus on eating good things for you...and you will feel so much better. My "problem" was emotional eating...and I stopped eating crappy food..and I have lost 100 pounds. Just from that.

I feel so much better..and you will too. Focus on not what you are giving up, but what you are There is no subsititue!

According to Weight Watchers, a hot cross bun is 5 points. A regular roll is it's almost double, so it really doesn't count as a bread...but..if you eat a green salad...with no fat dressing, I don't see why you couldn't have that.

Do or do not..there is no try.

Good luck in your quest! Your arthtritis will thank you with less pain!!

Sarah Ketelaars said...

hee hee this is funny, love the expression on your face. Great pages.

Ana Tirolese said...

I can relate to the weight gain due to arthritis. That is my main issue too. I know we are supposed to move to keep our joints limber but it HURTS SO MUCH!

My mouth is watering just reading about all the things you gave up for lent. This year, instead of giving something up, I added "get my house clean" for lent. I wonder if that counts?


I think of hot cross buns as a bread item, not cake. Also, they are only available around Easter time, here in Canada, so I would never ask my husband give them up for lent (my husband is the only one in the family that likes them). That would be cruel and unusual punishment.

Bonny said...

I think Hot Cross Buns is more of a bread bun, but it could be more of a cake bun if ithas a filling inside. Depends on which recipe you follow. At 'Bella Online' there is a page describing the origins of Hot Cross Buns and a few variations of recipes near the bottom of the page.

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