Sunday, 5 April 2009

EDM #217 - draw your inner critic.

This challenge was very appropriate for me. I'm hugely critical of myself, to the point of being self-deprecating. Always have been. I wish I was less so. Maybe one day I'll learn to like my own work.

Click to make bigger and you'll be able to read the text.

I did this in photoshop. The font I used was one I created with my own handwriting.


deborah said... funny...I know inner critics can be such bores..we need to listen to our inner *artist* child instead, and just have fun..."I am to fat to draw" made me laugh...thats true, sometimes I think, not popular enough, not trendy...not, not, not...NOT....thanks for making me laugh...

Alex said...

^^ I think your inner critic is so not true at all, because I think you draw perfectly fine, and you have a unique style, that to me says A LOT!
My inner critic would sound like my dad when I was in high school... "Alex, stop wasting time doodling and go do some more math!!" -___-;;

Rhonda said...

Ok, now make an extra copy of that critic and go burn it. Then do another drawing with a picture of your artistic side or your muse. Your critic is wrong about you so do not listen to her. Let your muse come out and stay up front. You can create and you should create. Have fun and ignore that inner critic. Great job on the drawing and the font.

Anne Watkins said...

Brilliant! Yeah, that fat really gets in the way of our working fingers and seeing eyes!
Thanks for the tip about the font - that is way cool!
Make art, not war (on yourself!)
xx- Anne

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