Friday, 24 April 2009

Leisure Painter WINNER!

There were twenty comments (actually there were twenty two but one was mine and one person left a second comment as she forgot to put her email address in the first comment). So I used to pick a number between one and twenty. And the lucky number was... 2.

The winner is ALEX! Congratulations Alex, I'll send you an email to get your address.

I like this giving stuff away thing... I also have a subscription to Patrones - a fantastic Spanish magazine similar to Burda World of Fashion. Some of the magazines are for kid's clothes, which is no use to me. I wonder if people would like to win those... :D

I'm going to a calligraphy class this afternoon and life drawing tonight so hopefully I'll have something nice to post later on!


Alex said...

It's funny if you read my comment. I didn't want to win because it'd cost you to send it all the way to Germany. But I can't really argue with the result(and the fact that I am feeling so lucky!! WOOOHOOOOO!!! That totally made my day!)

Good luck and have fun at the caligraphy class!

Vone said...

I'm checking out your site from the Dabbled changeled. Love your stuff. You make me want to take a drawing class again.
As for the kids pattern magazines I would totally be interested.

Fioleta said...

I just started sewing and making kids cloths sounds easier than adult ones, so I would be interested. Maybe I can send you something in return - i.e. I'll be happy to do a swap.

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