Thursday, 2 April 2009

Make Something Cool Everyday

Nancy at Dabbled is running the Make Something Cool Everyday challenge. The idea is that every day in April you create something - just like Thing A Day. I miss Thing A Day so I think I'll have to play along with this! Look at the cool button she made.

Today all I have created is a quick sketch of the view outside my window in purple felt tip pen, but I'm going to have another go at the watercolours after dinner.


White Tea & Wild Horses said...

That's such a great idea! I hope April is very productive for you. Have fun!

Alex said...

Wow... a thing a day? >___< I wish I can do that... bleh.. my day job is occupying too much of my time.

Thanks for the comment on my Bird's post. :) It's really not that hard to do it, you should visit and look at the tutorials. You'll have lotsa fun with it I am sure!

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