Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Work in progress

Not much time for arty stuff or crafty stuff as I've been busy panicking over tonight's exam, but I did decide I wanted some Fashion Wheel art for my walls, and that a pop art style might be quite cool. Here's what I worked on for a while last night while watching Ashes to Ashes (series 2 is much better than series 1, by the way).

Click to enlarge.

There's still quite a bit to do, and I also can't decide if I prefer a white or a coloured background. Any thoughts?

PS: This is compressed to make it load quickly - the 'real' one is better quality.


Carol said...

The fashion plates are a great idea for pop art! I think they would look good with or without backgrounds. I hope your exams went well:)

Alex said...

I like them both actually...colored and just black and white, but I realized something recently...that I actually like it when it's half done, and not completed 100% I am not sure why...it gives the idea of transformation from mere sketch to becoming 'alive' ^^

B said...

This are great! What a good idea to use the fashion wheel. I'd prefer a white background!

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