Saturday, 20 June 2009

A big pink mess.

I bought some black drawing paper today and had the bright idea to mix up some pink gouache and see if it looked nice against the black.

Well... it probably would have, had I mixed it properly, but I just can't ever seem to get the consistency right, and I ended up with a big pink mess.

This side is bad.

But this side is worse.

Incidentally, I promise my calligraphy is better than that when (a) I've ruled some slant guidelines (it SHOULD be 5º for italic, 55º for copperplate), (b) I'm using ink/paint that is a bit thicker than slightly chalky pink water, and (c) I'm using my left hand to actually hold the paper down and stop it running away from me, instead of using it to hold a little bowl of gouache because it's too messy to sit it on the table :)

Oh and the orangey looking stuff is actually gold ink, but it's pretty much useless. It doesn't even come in a pretty bottle.


Alex said...

I think it gives off a very unique and natural effect! It's really nice, and I don't think it's a mess since your writing is like Print-out-Perfect :)
Hey Aveen, thanks again for your comment. The couple loved it, and yep...I am totally happy!

amy purple said...

I actually think it looks really nice!

jacqueline said...

I too think it looks really nice! Pink is my fav color. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

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