Monday, 1 December 2008

Playing with paint

I thought I'd start off the blog with some photos of something I've made that I'm actually good at but everything I'm currently making is a Christmas present of some sort so they'll just have to wait, I think! So I'll post something I'm terrible at instead. I have always been jealous of my dad's amazing talent for painting, so at the age of 28 I've decided it's about time I learned. I bought a set of watercolours yesterday and some brushes and sat down today to have a go. I doodled a bird - a coal tit - and coloured it in with my new paints. It didn't come out quite perfect (understatement of the year) but I kind of like it. More importantly, I enjoyed painting it. I'm going to stick at it.

It's just a scan of the page I drew it on. The photo I used for reference is here. I've ordered some very cheap books on watercolour from so when they arrive maybe I'll actually find out what I'm supposed to be doing :-)

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