Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Scared of socks!

I've been dying to learn to knit socks for ages and ages, but something about them frightens me. I can do Fair Isle and lace and have no problems using dpns, but the very mention of short row shaping makes me run and hide behind the sofa. And I even signed up for a sock knitting class at Loop, but it was cancelled due to insufficient numbers. I was gutted.

Well I'm determined to get over myself. My husband has one pair of slipper socks and they are looking the worse for wear, and I have several balls of sock yarn that I bought two years ago in a brave moment but that have sat in my stash ever since. I found Silver's Sock Class which has lots of very detailed instructions and is bursting with photos for the mentally challenged, like me, dug out some 2.5mm dpns, and cast on. I have no idea what the yarn is, the ball band is long gone, but it might be something like Prism?? Here's what I've done so far.

The photo is a bit poor... I'm using my compact because my SLR is in the bedroom but as soon as I open the living room door a wall of cold hits me, so I'm hibernating in here. Here's a photo of the ball:

I forgot how tedious k2 p2 rib is. And it's slow going. But at least I can watch TV at the same time.

In other news, I think I'm addicted to Klutz books. Is that possible? I started off with the shrink plastic jewellery one which was fantastic. Then I found the hemp bracelets one in a charity shop for 50p, still with all the hemp (but missing the beads), and ordered the bead loom one from Amazon which was fantastic. (Well, the weaving bit is great, the sewing in the ends when you're done is less fabulous.) The supplies that come with the books are really great quality and you can find them pretty cheaply from Amazon sellers or Playtrade on play.com. So since I'm on a drawing and painting kick I had to have the drawing and painting Klutz offerings, which are clearly aimed at kids but since I have the drawing ability of a two year old that suits me fine. Plus "Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered" has Quentin Blake as a co-author, so even if I never draw anything I can look at the pictures. I'm a huge fan of his. I was obsessed with Roald Dahl books as a kid and still think they're the best kids books ever. Here are my two new books: (Sorry the photo is so terrible.)

But the most exciting thing to pop through my letterbox today was something I've been waiting for since 1995!

Chrono Trigger! It was one of the brilliant SNES RPGs that never made it to Europe, and it's just been re-released on the DS. But since the DS is region free I don't have to wait till the UK release next year - I just ordered it from Video Games Plus in Canada. But I'm determined to finish the Final Fantasy IV remake before I even take this out of its wrapper :-)

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bubblemunch said...

I have the drawing and watercolour books too. Great fun (love Quentin Blake). Am also a big fan of shrink plastic ... not done any for a while. Great for card embellishments.

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