Friday, 16 January 2009

EDM #23 - draw your foot - and more water brush antics

I said I'd do something coloured and I did! This is my foot. You can see my very glam green Primark pyjama pants too. I don't own a single pair of black socks, I'm sure that says something about me but I have no idea what! These purple ones are some of my more subdued; most of them tend to have stripes or birds or cats or something.

I used the Derwent watercolour pencils I bought a while ago and I think I really need to experiment with them, because some of them blend much better than others. The red and blue of the EDM #23 lettering blended really easily, but the green of the pyjamas didn't, and the olive green of the shadow on my pyjamas came out much darker when it was blended with water. I used my waterbrush again for this and I am very pleased at how easy it is to clean it between colours, but it'll be interesting to see if it's the same when it's used with proper watercolour paint as opposed to pencils - I will report back when I've had a play around with that. The paper I used for this was wildly unsuitable and the water soaked right through it - there is a red stain on my knee that was left over from the drawing on the previous page.

Good news! I signed up for the ten week beginner's life drawing course that the teacher of the Monday night class I went to is offering. It starts in February and I will be counting down the days, I really can't wait.

Tomorrow we are going into town to do something involving Culture. Possibly a visit to the National Gallery.


Anonymous said...

Nice foot! I do like pictures of people's feet in socks. :)
How are you getting on with the waterbrush and which brand did you get? A lot of people in the states seem to swear by ninji ones but I don't think they're easy to get here. I rather fancied trying one out for their portability, but I've not got round to ordering one yet.

I've also got some watercolour pencils but I don't really get on with them - I find they're neither one thing nor another, I can't get the evenness of watercolour or mix the colours properly and everything just ends up vague and luminous. I'm afraid I haven't paid them much attention since I got them back in July!

angeltreats said...

Hi Rachel

I think feet in socks are much nicer than feet out of socks!

I'm using a Pentel Aquash, purely because it was the easiest one for me to get hold of. We don't seem to get much variety here. I saw some Koi ones on ebay but they had to be shipped from the Netherlands so would have taken longer to arrive and I'm terribly impatient. I really like it so far, I find the water flows enough by itself without me having to squeeze and it cleans itself easily. the test will be when I use it with 'proper' watercolours which hopefully I'll get around to doing soon. You should pick one up and try it out, they're not expensive and they are definitely very portable and leak free.

Anonymous said...

Love your strong colors, and your perspective in this. Thanks for the information about the Pentel Aquash - next trip to town, will be picking one up. New Toy ::excitement:: AND, very excited about the life drawing class. Looking forward to whatever you choose to share from that adventure. Yea You!
PS Thank you for your comment on my site - left you a note there too.

bubblemunch said...

I really like this.

I hope you enjoy your life drawing. It's something I've always struggled with but the sketches you posted previously look like you'll be a natural!

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