Monday, 19 January 2009

EDM #4, and goodbye to one of my childhood heroes.

I had some Malteasers hot chocolate drink tonight while I was watching Buena Vista Social Club on DVD - we are going to have some sort of discussion about it tomorrow in class, but as I've seen it lots of times I was only half paying attention to it, and found myself doodling my mug when I'd finished drinking it. I coloured it in with watercolour pencils and my waterbrush (I love my waterbrush, it's so clever) and thought I might as well post it.

I had the second of my three watercolour classes yesterday. It was good fun. A roomful of adults playing with giant paintbrushes and making a mess, what could be better? The teacher wanted us all to use big brushes, and most of us had to actually go out and buy bigger ones. I bought a size 14, it's liberating in the same way as drawing with pen is liberating because you can't really fiddle around and have to kind of just dive in. We were doing a lot of wet into wet technique but I seem to get my paper too wet and as we hadn't stretched the paper it all went a bit horribly wrong. My paintings (I use the term loosely, but they did all involve paint) are still at the class venue but I'll post them when I get home so people can laugh at them :-)

Sad news yesterday: one of my childhood heroes, Tony Hart, passed away at the age of 83. He had been ill for a while and had suffered two strokes, which had left him unable to draw and that must have been a terrible thing for him to cope with. I found out when I got home from my painting class and I have to admit, I sat down and had a little cry. He was a very talented man and a genuinely nice guy and will be sadly missed. Rest in peace, Tony.


bubblemunch said...

We had a little remembrance time for the great Tony last night too and listened to the Gallery music.

He was so imaginative and an icon of his time. Children of all ages in the 70s/80s had great respect for him - it's rare to find that these days.

Great cup. Looking forward to seeing your watercolours.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cup picture.

It is such sad news about Tony Hart isn't it? It's hard to remember just how much influence he had over my love of drawing when I was growing up, but I doubt it was insignificant. He was such a fixture in my childhood! Nice idea to write about him in your blog.

R x

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