Friday, 6 February 2009

Watercolour class

I've been meaning to post some pictures of the stuff I produced in my watercolour class. The idea was to practice techniques, and specifically wet into wet technique. We weren't allowed to draw AT ALL. No pencils, no pens, very big brushes (mine was a size 14, other people had even bigger ones), wet your paper in the shape of the thing you're painting and splodge lots of paint into the wet bits and hope for the best. So while these pictures are somewhat ugly, I didn't feel too bad about it because everyone else in the class produced ugly paintings too. I'm going to try and post these more or less in the order I did them. I should say that I had to shoot all these using flash because there is no light whatsoever in our apartment at the moment. Look at this photo, you can just about see outside. Isn't it disgusting? Pokey thinks so.

Practising the various techniques

We had to paint some stuff using only blues and browns.

Colour mixing - blues and browns again

A banana

An apple that was nice till I spilt water on it and ruined it

A blue jug and a yellow vase thing, that I didn't finish

The same blue jug and a red pepper, again unfinished (ran out of time)

Onions (homework - I used some gum arabic for this)

Some glass bottles, an apple and an orange

A BIG painting of a blue glass bottle, some weird peppers and an unshiny metal teapot that went a bit wrong.

Oh and bonus cat picture - if you put anything on the floor in our house, a cat will magically appear on it within ten seconds.

My life drawing class starts tonight. I can't wait. Apparently there are ten people in the class, so it's nice and small, and we'll be told tonight what materials we need to buy, so I'll have an excuse to go to an art shop at some point over the weekend (as if I needed one).


Rachel H said...

A banana - yay! The classic watercolour subject. You'll be doing potatoes next. :)

Interesting to see what you've been doing, and your comment on EDM made me laugh. Excellent onions! (Why does that sound like a really weird thing to say??)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures look great. Much nicer than the weather. Pretty miserable here too (Norwich UK).
Since you ask, your blog appears on my PC with just one column of white dots on each side. The header looks fine tho'.
It sounds as if you are in for a good weekend, shopping for your art supplies. Enjoy!

bubblemunch said...

I agree with Rachel ... great onions!
It's nice to see all of yor pieces and techniques. Like the brown and blue painting as well.
I haven't been lucky enough to have any watercolour training/classes but I think it's a gorgeous medium to work with.
What does the gum arabic do?

angeltreats said...

Thanks for your comments! The gum arabic increases transparency and gives a slightly glossy finish. It's groovy stuff!

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