Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Rollei 35 & Mario baddy - separated at birth?

I was talking to my husband this morning about the Olympus Trip 35 and how cool it is, and he told me about the Rollei 35 which is also cool (and which sells for many pounds on ebay these days). I looked at the photo on Wikipedia and immediately thought of one of the bad guys from Super Mario Bros 2: Snifit. I ask you - do these two photos not look alike to you? He thinks not, but he is wrong.

Incidentally, I've decided I must have one of those little Rolleis, but that won't come as a surprise.

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Kim Zoph said...

I'm a camera fanatic, and bought 2 of these little Rolleis, one black and the other silver and black. They were both adorable, and no doubt capable of taking great photos, but I never got used to the zone focusing.

Sold them both, but sometimes regret it, but have too many cameras that I don't use enough as it is. Enjoy your blog, and your sketches.

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