Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Some useful mantras.

Repeat to self:

"I am not interested in Adobe Illustrator."

"I am not interested in drawing cartoon people."

"I will not procrastinate."

"I love writing about the Brazilian military coup in 1964."

"I will not eat all my husband's pringles."

If I say all that enough times, I might start to believe it. Although it might be too late for the pringles.


Anonymous said...

LOL.. I loved this one..

Anonymous said...

Have you tried imagining that you've GOT to draw cartoons using Adobe Illustrator but what you really fancy doing instead is writing about the Brazilian Military coup in 1964?

It might just work. The moment I have to do something I immediately want to do ANYTHING else. :-D

angeltreats said...

Hahaha :D I'm almost done now, but next time I think I'll try that!

Rachel H said...

Ooh I forgot to answer your question! I got distracted by your blog!

You asked if my IF picture was pastel - yes it's pastel on black paper. It seems to be what I do at the moment! Even with the hassle of putting on white for the sky and blue over the top, it still feels cosier than white paper for some reason. I feel happier with black showing through than white - I wonder why that is?

Weird. :)

B said...

Ah, yeah! Been there. I belong to that Facebook group, "I procrastinate because I work better under pressure." Good excuse! :)

suzanne cabrera said...

So cute!

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