Thursday, 7 May 2009

My exams: two opposing views.

I hate exams. This is how I feel during exam time.

Richard thinks this is how it will all turn out. Nice to know my husband has faith in me (no matter how unrealistic!).
(Click to enlarge.)

Actually this evening I had the exam I was dreading the most (Portuguese oral exam - I was talking about childhood obesity, of all things) and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. One of the examiners gave me a chocolate at the end of it! I was actually saying to my workmates that at the start of every exam, students should be supplied with chocolate and coffee. This was at the end of the exam, and I had to bring my own coffee, but it's definitely a step in the right direction :)


Owen said...

We'll just hold the fort with Richard and believe the best for you :)

bubblemunch said...

Good luck with all of your exams Aveen.
Will be thinking of you and enhancing all of your positive vibes (because I'm sure you have self belief in there somewhere ... really!!)

Ann said...

Congrats on getting the worst behind you! I like your sketch. The best of luck for all of your exams - you will do fine, I am sure :-)

Alex said...

The doodle totally made me laughing out out! And all the best in your exam too!!!
Just one question Aveen, do they really have a skull printed on the exam paper or something? o__O

angeltreats said...

Hehe no, no skull, it's just that when I take exams I feel like I'm doomed!

Thanks for the good wishes everyone :)

Quilt Knit said...

Oh! You should have let us know - before! You must never let a test get you!
I know what you mean.. I just had to be trained on another OpCo. That means I am now able to service four divisions at my work -- NO, not one extra dollar and not even Our merit raise. I also have to capture sales. We had to make at least 80 on the test. That was a surprise. We had no idea we had to do that. I got sick- A real Bummer of a head cold. The day of the second and final test. I only made 89 on the first test, I felt so bad. But I calmed down and passed with a 93. I got scared they were going to make it a Average of 80 on both test. Or out. Scary!
I almost turned in a blank sheet.
Glad it is over for you.
Know you did splendid.
Wish someone had doodled for me. So, sweet.


iva yaneva said...

exams can be really stressful!it really shows in your sketch :) good luck with the next exams and yay for the ones that you already took :)

Christine's Arts said...

Those are pretty funny doodles. Good luck, we believe in you.

Tanna said...

Ahhh, totally made my day... I feel exactly the same way.

Ashley Brooke said...

love those illustrations! you can do it!

suzanne cabrera said...

Wow, have you ever captured despair!

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