Monday, 27 July 2009

Do I really have to get rid of these?

We are moving house soon. It's a BIG move, as we are leaving the big smoke and heading out to the countryside, and we are leaving our jobs in the hope that we'll be able to find new jobs when we get there. So partly because we need the money and partly because we desperately need to get rid of lots of stuff to make moving easier, we're having a massive ebay clearout and listing all the stuff we don't want in batches. So far we've sold lots of books, and I have about ten million handbags listed which will end this afternoon. So far so good.

Except now it's time to ebay the cameras.

Not all of them, obviously, some will never ever be sold. Like my Trip and Holga and Richard's Werra.

But some. Like these.

It's hard to get rid of cameras! I don't know why I get so attached to them, when most of them I don't even use. But they have to go. Sigh.

However the little blue Instamatic in the main photo is not going anywhere. Richard bought it years ago, I think from a charity shop, but it's too pretty to ebay. Look at it. It's blue! And it has some brand new flash cubes!

So I'm keeping it - who can blame me?


Alex said...

Do you really have to sell these away? T____T
But these are really good stuff!
Anyway, I hope everything goes well, and the move will be smooth and nothing goes wrong.
Good luck Aveen! I'm flying to Louisiana on Thursday, and I am bringing the magazine I got from you with me and give it to Tanna, using it to teach her how to paint. ^^

suzanne cabrera said...

I'm with Alex...are you SURE you don't have room for them. They'd look great as bookends?!?

jane said...

wow" flash cube. "those are two words i haven´t heard in a long time. Good luck with your move! can´t wait to hear about all you new adventures! besos-p.s. i´m the same way with my cameras...

jacqueline said...

You cammie collections are so cool. Wish you didn't have to get rid of anything. >_< Must be nice to be moving to countryside...all the best with moving! Love to yoU!

amanda said...

I have the same problem but I'm keeping most of mine hehe
I think they could easily bury themselves in a box accidently? ;)

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